How we Work

Life is so crazy sometimes, so we like to keep this part of things pretty simple. With that said, here is our process:

Step 1: Fill out the “Your Info” form. There’s a lot on there, we know! Butttt we feel like it’s easier for everyone to have all the info ready to go than having to go back and forth via email. Let’s be real. Who likes email threads that go on forever?

Step 2: Get all your content ready to go. This means photos, written content, blog articles, press articles, etc.

Step 3: Once we get your content, we’ll send you an invoice for the first payment.

After steps 1-3 are done, we can start working on your site. We aim to have our websites ready to go in 5 business days which is broken down like this:

  • Monday: First draft is created.

  • Wednesday: We have a meeting in the morning to discuss first set of revisions.

  • Thursday: Second draft is created.

  • Friday: We have a second meeting in the morning to discuss second set of revisions. Website is launched the following Monday!